Sculpture in the Krastal Valley: "from river to lake"

The Sculpture Path "from river to lake" was created as an EU-Leader Project in 2004 according to a concept by architect Peter H. Schurz, and was completed in 2005. The artistic direction was handled by sculptors Michael Kos and Egon Straszer.
The Sculpture Path's 15 sculpture sites at present connect the local council areas of Weissenstein and Treffen, thereby connecting the valley of the river Drau with the Gegendtal valley along the local road through the Krastal valley.

The first site lies on the banks of the river Drau, immediately on the Drau Cycle Path; the last site is at the junction with the main national road at Treffen. In the municipal area of Treffen, however, there is also an older path of sculptures stretching all the way to Sattendorf, and therefore to the Ossiacher Lake.

Large-scale and monumental works by 27 sculptors from Austria and abroad, created during the International Symposia at Krastal, are integrated into the new Sculpture Path. The Treffen area contains a further 35 works of sculpture.

The whole region is therfore distinctively marked by the results of the annual sculpture symposia taking place there, especially as the new roundabout at the motorway exit, forming a gateway to the Gegendtal valley and the Ossiach area was enhanced with three additional sculptures in 2007.

from river to lake
Carmen Armbruster, Guy Baekelmans, Gillian Forbes, Jun Furukawa, Herbert Golser, Thomas Györi, Erika Inger, Rudolf J. Kaltenbach, Takashi Kondo, Henner Kuckuck, Giancarlo Lepore, Helmut Machhammer, Paul Louis Meier, Gianpaolo D'Andrea Moravecia, Osamu Nkajima, Johannes Peter Perz, Michael Printschler, Peter Rannacher, Thaddäus Salcher, Gaby Schulze, Peter H. Schurz, Max Seibald, Kamen Tanev, Arthur D. Trantenroth, Hermann Walenta, Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer