James Clay

Peter Dörflinger
Romana Egartner
Rene Fadinger
Sigrid Friedmann

born 1978 in Klagenfurt. Studies at School of Applied Arts in Linz, Master School of Sculpture in Graz and Visual Media Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, spent the year abroad at the "École Supérieure d'Art Graphique" in Paris. In 2017 she received the Promotion Prize of the Province of Carinthia for film, photography and electronic media. Lives in Vienna and works as a visual artist with video and photography and on extended projects, resulting in spatial sculptures, video installations, stage projections, performances, films and photographic works. Exhibitions, residences, participations in festivals and theater projects.

Herbert Golser

visited the Higher Technical Education Institute for wood and stone sculpting in Hallein, studied with Bruno Gironcoli in Vienna, working of stone and wood structures, which show the preciousness of the materials from a new angle.

Sibylle von Halem
Julie Hayward
Joachim Hoffmann
Erika Inger

Born in Lana, Italy, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna and Stuttgart, works with stone and wood or materials that match of their playful nature. Parallel to her international exhibition activity, she presents regularly her work in Carinthia.

Ulrich Kaufmann

born 1974 in Feldkirchen in Carinthia. Video artist and filmmaker, works on experimental films and unconventional projection forms for space, objects, theater and performance.
The controversy between being and pretence is the centre of his work. He takes pictures from different surroundings, combines and edits them and displays them in different locations. Projections are being reflected, pose questions and trigger emotions. While observing stories emerge - continuous stories.

Andres Klimbacher
József Joka Lukács

"I think to work on a sculpture is a slow sensitive equal conversation with the material. I believe wood or stone silently, gently communicates through advises by giving different options toward shaping, carving, and changes. It keeps a permanent continuous, concentrated, fresh awake act in the person between play and seriousness.
The sculpture is capable for a complete communication and still does not talk too much."

Jure Markota
Helmut Machhammer
Katharina Mörth
Ulrich Plieschnig

born in Klagenfurt, grew up in Gurk, Carinthia. Studied painting and scultura spaziale with Bruno Orfei at the Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci in Perugia, Italy and painting with Walter Eckert and Markus Prachensky at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Attila Rath Geber

sculptor, based in Marseille, France. He continues an international activity mainly in the field of environmental, contextual sculpture, and large-scale realizations. In his works, he employs predominantly stone.

Arnold Reinthaler

Born in Wels (A) in 1971. Lives and works in Vienna. Studied sculpture (with Bruno Gironcoli) at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and wrote his cultural theory PhD with Thomas Macho.
Reinthaler’s work addresses systems for measuring time while focussing on the subjective activities of long-lasting work processes that he translates primarily into stone, paper and light media. He models on the notion of ‚temporality’ by engraving fleeting letters onto an almost anachronistic medium like granite, or by continually testing models of „timing“ with techniques of self-recapitulation.

Ernst Reiterer
Rosa Roedelius

Art comes from the body and becomes the body. Kairos breath helps in this process as well as the Muses of daily life. I refer to myself as an oneironaut of art, since most of my texts, ideas and creations spring from the intermediate land of not yet sleeping or almost dreaming. Art is a burning, a flowing, a constant change, a decision that is taken out of hand and placed in the hand at the same time. When it is burning, you let it blaze. Art knows no back door and is still an opening. Doors and windows are recurring elements in my work.

Brigitte Sasshofer

visual artist and author, lives in Vienna and works on the fields of stone sculpture, installation, photography and painting.
Grants and awards: 2011-12 Literature State Scholarship; 2008 Literature Exile Award; 2005 Literature Recognition Award of Lower Austria. Works in the Graphic Collection Albertina, Vienna; Collection of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna; Lower Austrian State Museum, St. Pölten; State Artothek; Cultural Office of the City of Vienna.

Peter H. Schurz

He is active as architect, lecturer, author, sculptor, draughtsman, publisher and bike traveler. Received several 1st prizes in architecture competitions and a variety of recognition awards for realized projects. Lives and works in Vienna and Carinthia.

Meina Schellander

"My previous work encompasses complex fields of work such as drawing, painting, sculpture, object, spatial installation, art in public space, photography, video - it stretches over five decades. Mostly they are series, series in which phenomena of internal and external nature are analyzed, transformed, supplemented and expanded. My work proves attitude, spirit of research, joy in experiment, transmedial interest, mostly technical perfection, it is based consistently on its own specifications, not on the interests of the art market. Visionary ideas often determine the content of the projects during lengthy execution processes. Persistent work leads to solutions that sometimes raise something new. Feel me in a big arc that is slowly bending."
Meina Schellander

Max Seibald
Anno Sieberts

Stonemason, restorer and sculptor, and expert in the implementation of elegant and fine forms of inner and outer balance.

Egon Straszer
Céline Struger

Céline Struger, born in 1982, is an Austrian artist working in sculpture and site-specific art. Her focus lies on the redetermination of sites and their original genius loci, dealing with issues like post-capitalism, ecology and mythology. Struger often uses water as a sculptural medium and integrates found-, as well as hand-crafted objects into her sculptures and large-scale installations. Céline Struger is based in Vienna.

Inge Vavra

1942 born in Augsburg, lives and works in Carinthia and Vienna.
1960-1965 Fine Arts Academy Vienna - Diploma in graphic arts, painting and art education
since 1962 exhibitions; since 1993 curatorial activities
Works in various collections (e.g. MMKK, Albertina / Vienna, Uffizi / Florence)
2005 Appreciation Award of the Province of Carinthia
She works on the fields of printmaking, drawing, art and interventions in public space, photo, video

Niclas Anatol Walkensteiner
Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer

"In 1967 Otto Eder invited me for the first time to Krastal for a few days. The still untouched nature, the marble quarry, as well as the energy of the artist colleagues, who often came from far for realize their ideas, here in isolation, in the stone, the community of like-minded people, who worked full of idealism, energy and hope under the most difficult conditions, impressed and fascinated me. The Krastal was an open place of encounter, freedom and hospitality, a place to which I often return to realize my art projects."

Markus Wilfing
Wolfgang Wohlfahrt

lives and works in Carinthia and Vienna, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna and Stuttgart, and has been actively involved in exhibitions and symposiums in Austria and abroad.

Alfred Woschitz
board 2022
honorary member

Elfriede Laimer
Christiane Nekritz