57. international stone sculptors' symposion [kunstwerk] krastal

10. 06 - 02. 08. 2024

concept and coordination: Niclas Anatol, Romana Egartner, Helmut Machhammer


The fact that art in any form can only manifest itself in small steps is also the driving force behind the symposion at [kunstwerk] krastal, which was founded by Karl Prantl, Otte Eder, Heide Hildebrand, Felix Orsini Rosenberg, etc. and has been taking place for 57 years. The fact that everything began with a “workshop” and a “masonry symposium” is also an unmistakable sign that art can and must develop itself as a necessary foundation in human life. The focus of the [kunstwerk] krastal project is on this idea of building a global culture and a sustainable, peaceful coexistence of people with mutual respect. The founding history of the [kunstwerk] krastal association is closely linked to Otto Eder. Alongside Karl Prantl, Heide Hildebrand, Felix Orsini Rosenberg, etc., Otto Eder was one of the most important initiators of the first Krastal symposiums and founded the association BEGEGNUNG in KÄRNTEN - Werkstätte Krastal in 1970. – that was renamed in 2007 to [kunstwerk] krastal – sculpture | symposion | interdisciplinary projects . The 57th international stone sculptors' symposium in Krastal is therefore entirely dedicated to the association. This year's participants are drawn from the association's international membership. With 26 participating members, this year the interdisciplinary side of the association will also be the focus without neglecting the focus on stone sculpture.


István Antal (HUN)
Peter Dörfinger (AUT)
Romana Egartner (AUT)
René Fadinger (AUT)
Sigrid Friedmann (AUT)
Joachim Hoffmann (DEU)
Erika Inger (ITA)
Ulrich Kaufmann (AUT)
Andres Klimbacher (AUT)
Lukács József Jóka (HUN)
Helmut Machhammer (AUT)
Jure Markota (SLO)
Katharina Mörth (AUT)
Ulrich Plieschnig (AUT)
Arnold Reinthaler (AUT)
Rosa Roedelius (AUT)
Brigitte Sasshofer (AUT)
Meina Schellander (AUT)
Peter H. Schurz (AUT)
Max Seibald (AUT)
Anno Sieberts (DEU)
Céline Struger (AUT)
Inge Vavra (AUT)
Niclas Anatol (AUT)
Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer (AUT)
Wolfgang Wohlfahrt (AUT)

programm during the symposion:

every friday from 6pm
lauster stone quarry, krastal

artist talk

saturday, 3 august from 5pm
bildhauerhaus, krastal

closing fest and sculpture presentation