metal workshop
work with metal and the basics of welding for artistic application

Andres Klimbacher

The workshop is intended to give an introduction in shaping and expression possibilities in metal and in different welding methods. It focuses on the employ of technologies especially in the artistic process.

During the workshop various welding technologies will be shown: oxy-fuel, gas metal arc welding (MIG-MAG), tungsten inert gas (TIG) and electrode welding. With these methods, iron, stainless steel and other steel alloys (e.g. Corten steel) and non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, bronze, aluminum) can be welded together. The participants will get an insight concerning the feasibility of welding processes - the setup of welding machines, the suitable technology for different type of metals, how to use of different wires, electrodes and gases, how to weld together heavily stressed parts etc. - and they will have the possibility to try out the different technologies.

friday, 9 - saturday, 10 october 2020

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